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The Romeron brand is characterized by products of the highest quality. Our company works with French and Turkish essential oils, which is why our products are durable and easy to touch.

We are here to meet your expectations and provide the highest level of service. We love fragrances and we can assure you that we know them perfectly. It is not only our work, but also our passion and a big part of our private life. We approach everyone individually and do not act massively.


Alternative perfumes, often referred to as inspired or imitations of premium brands, bring several benefits that are attractive to a wide range of consumers.

Benefits of alternative perfumes:

Availability: Premium perfumes can often be financially inaccessible to many people. An alternative to them can be much cheaper, allowing more people to enjoy a luxurious experience without the need to spend a large amount of money.

Experimentation: If you are the type of person who likes to experiment with different scents, then it can be costly to try various premium brands. With alternative perfumes, you can try more scents for the same price.

Availability: Sometimes it happens that a favorite perfume is discontinued. In this case, an alternative perfume can be a good solution, because they often mimic scents that are no longer available.

Practicality: Alternative perfumes are ideal for situations where you would not want to risk wearing an expensive perfume, such as work, the gym, or other similar activities. It is much more comfortable to use a cheaper alternative in situations where there is a risk of loss or damage.

Inspired scents: Alternative perfumes are often inspired by premium brands, which means that even though they are not exactly the same, they can very much remind you of your favorite scent. This can allow you to enjoy a similar scent for a fraction of the price.

Ethics: Some alternative perfumes may be made in a more ethical way, such as without animal testing or using more sustainable production methods.

Important to realize:

Alternative perfumes are not "fake" or counterfeit products! Instead, they are inspired by existing premium scents and strive to mimic them, often for a much lower price. It's important that these alternatives do not aim to deceive the consumer and pretend to be the original product. They are openly presented as more affordable and cost-effective options that bring similar scents as expensive brands.

These products are fully legal and often have their own unique blend of ingredients, although they can be inspired by the profiles of premium scents. Alternative perfumes can provide a pleasant scent while allowing consumers to save money, which is a very attractive option for many people.

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