PLATINUM 314 perfume

PLATINUM 314 perfume

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Inspired by: Dior - Fahreinheit

  • 2ml
  • 50ml


Platinum 314 is a spicy, oriental fragrance for men.

This fragrance is inspired by the perfume Dior - Fahrenheit.

Dior Fahrenheit is a unique and unforgettable fragrance for men that was first introduced in 1988. This iconic fragrance is the creation of the brand Christian Dior and is known for its unmistakable and bold aroma.

Fahrenheit opens with top notes of lavender, mandarin, hawthorn, and mimosa, creating a fresh and lively opening. The heart of the fragrance is warm and complex, with notes of geranium, nutmeg, jasmine, and cedar, which create a rich and distinctive core. The base of the fragrance is enveloped in warm and deep tones of leather, tonka bean, amber, and vetiver, giving the fragrance a masculine depth and longevity.

Dior Fahrenheit is a fragrance that is as bold and exceptional as the man who wears it.

This is a fragrance for a man who is not afraid to be different and express his individuality. Fahrenheit is a true classic in the world of men's fragrances.

The PLATINUM series contains up to 22% essential oils.

Type: Men's

Size: 50ml


Head: Sicilian mandarin

Heart: Violet, Leather

Base: Bourbon vanilla

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Dior - Fahreinheit

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