Angel - Romeron otthoni illat

Angel - Romeron otthoni illat

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  • 120ml


Angel - sandalwood mixed with mint. A wonderful slightly spicy scent.

The essence of the fragrance comes from French essential oils, up to 28%


  • elegantly transforms a house, apartment or workplace
  • creates a pleasant atmosphere and sets the mood
  • at the same time, it will become a design accessory for the interior
  • by turning the sticks, you will achieve a more intense fragrance again

On the diffuser, unscrew the cap, remove the plastic plug and screw the cap back on. Then insert a few wooden sticks into the opening of the lid and keep the rest. You regulate the intensity of the scent according to the number of inserted sticks.

Then place in a suitable place in the interior. Ideal for those where the air flows naturally, but there is no draft. This will prevent excessive loss of filling. You can choose the intensity yourself, depending on how often you turn the sticks. If you don't turn them, they will release the scent only gently and very slowly.

Place the fragrance bottle on a stable and horizontal surface out of the reach of children and pets. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

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